When will the First Look go Mainstream UK?

In the UK there has been a tradition of grooms not seeing the bride the day of the wedding until the ceremony. The history of this can be traced back to the days of arranged marriages where the couple wouldn’t meet until the moment of marriage so to reduce the chances of one of them changing their mind! Luckily, things have changed since then and it has now been relegated to a bad luck superstition.

As someone interested in wedding photography and videography I consume a lot of international content, particularly videos on YouTube. I’m very curious about the differences between the UK, the USA and Canada. One of the more interesting trends to come out of North America is the “First Look”.

Instead of bottling up the excitement until the bride is literally walking down the aisle, some people have decided to calm the nerves a bit instead. The couple gets an intimate few minutes to see each other, away from the wedding guests, before the ceremony. The groom is free to react in a less pressurised environment and the couple are able to share a moment and chat instead of launching straight into a ceremony.

Another benefit of this trend is, by creating an extra moment of emotion, another opportunity to capture the couple arises. While you might think having a photographer or videographer around during the first look may defeat its purpose, professionals can capture the magic with minimum of intrusion. They will always aim to let the moment unfold organically, capturing it from a distance using longer lenses, and posing shouldn’t be used until after the moment has passed.

If you’re interested in a break from tradition then consider speaking to your wedding planner / organiser. They should be very aware of the first look trend and can help manage the experience for you.

So when is the “first look” likely to take off in the UK? It’s only a matter of time before celebrity and influencer weddings introduce it to a wider audience. Once a few couples take the plunge it will snowball. Perhaps, eventually, the old tradition will become the rarity?

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