Engagement Photo Shoots

Some cynical people would roll their eyes at even the idea of engagement or couples’ portraits; perhaps even considering them a narcissistic trend born out of the social media culture that we’ve found ourselves in. The more romantic would see them as another great moment in life worth capturing in all its beauty, just as important as a wedding day, the birth of a child or a grown, happy family.

But, regardless of your position, you may not have considered an interesting benefit of having an engagement photo shoot: trying out your photographer and seeing if you like their work and style!

This assumes you want the same photographer for both your engagement photo shoot and your wedding. But it gives you an opportunity to see how the photographer captures you as a couple, appraise their methods and style and make an informed decision on choice of photographer for your wedding day.

If you have many local wedding photographers who offer engagement services then there’s no reason you can’t try out more than one and make comparisons. Some of them might even offer to do the session for free as a way to introduce themselves to you. Others will charge for their time, but at only around 45 minutes for the shoot (and some extra for editing) it might not be too expensive to try more than one.

Let’s be honest: photographers put their best work on their website. But not all their work will be at such a high standard and it will always be dependent on conditions and the subject(s) being photographed. You want a photographer that can make YOU look good; not just the professionals models that are often used in portfolios.

So, if you have yet to book a wedding photographer, search local photographers for engagement shoot deals. See if you can get a free session from an up-and-coming photographer or look at the cost of multiple sessions as being an investment in peace-of-mind for your special day.

If you’re planning on getting married in the South Wales area; for a limited time you can get free engagement portrait photo sessions with the South Wales Wedding Photographer, Cherry Bomb.

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