Engagement Photo Shoots

Some cynical people would roll their eyes at even the idea of engagement or couples’ portraits; perhaps even considering them a narcissistic trend born out of the social media culture that we’ve found ourselves in. The more romantic would see them as another great moment in life worth capturing in all its beauty, just asContinue reading “Engagement Photo Shoots”

When will the First Look go Mainstream UK?

In the UK there has been a tradition of grooms not seeing the bride the day of the wedding until the ceremony. The history of this can be traced back to the days of arranged marriages where the couple wouldn’t meet until the moment of marriage so to reduce the chances of one of themContinue reading “When will the First Look go Mainstream UK?”

Why are Wedding Photographers so expensive?

Mobile phones are everywhere and their cameras get more impressive with every year. So impressive that some people ask whether they need a wedding photographer and why the professionals charge so much? The first point is simple to answer. Although phone cameras are good, they’re not actually great. Their limited sensor size and focal rangesContinue reading “Why are Wedding Photographers so expensive?”

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